Thursday, November 10

GrubHub doesn't like Trump - so is it a Good Short ?

GrubHub Stocks ? Good short ?

Is this a good time to short GrubHub ? 

GrubHub CEO Matt Maloney does not like Donald Trump’s politics and he does not want any employees who support them.
Unfortunately for Mr Maloney not only some of his employees but also lots of his cutomers also support Donald Trump’s politics and actually voted for him. So Mr Maloney's precious snowflake intolerant tolerance has just stirred up a storm on Twitter and people are starting to boycott GrubHub – see #boycottgrubhub.

Stock price fell another 5% today (Friday 11th)

Judge Jeanine Pirro says GrubHub CEO could be facing a lawsuit !

This could be a Ratner moment for GrubHub in the US and as a result GrubHub’s stock may well be a very attractive short !  Symbol NYSE : GRUB They were down 4% yesterday from 39 to 37. Check out Twitter and watch this space !
Mr Maloney has warned staff they should RESIGN if they support Donald Trump.
He sent a letter to staff saying Trump politics are not welcome at the firm.
"I absolutely reject the nationalist, anti-immigrant and hateful politics of Donald Trump and will work to shield our community from this movement as best as I can.
"I want to reaffirm to anyone on our team that is scared or feels personally exposed, that I and everyone else here at Grubhub will fight for your dignity and your right to make a better life for yourself and your family here in the United States.
Maloney added that, if it were up to him, Trump would have been fired a long time ago.
The diatribe concluded with a firm warning to staff:
"If you do not agree with this statement then please reply to this email with your resignation because you have no place here.
"We do not tolerate hateful attitudes on our team."
Employee experts said the letter might not have been such a good idea.
Bruce Tulgan told Fox News it could have a "chilling effect" on staff feeling they do not have the right to political expression.