Saturday, October 15

Penny Stocks that Might Fly?

Three Penny Stocks that Might Fly?

Back in July I talked about 3 penny stocks that had great potential so here's a quick update on what happened to them (we are now 15 October 2016)- to read the original post see Penny Stocks that Might Rocket

1. Highland Natural Resources - HNR - was 27p at the time. It went up to nearly 50p and is now back at close to 27p again - so some people made some money, now it may be time to get back in again - just be careful as it is around the 200-day moving average and if it breaks below that this would be considered to be a bad sign.

2. Mexico Oil - MXO - was at 1.05p at the time, it is now hovering around 1.35 - 1.40p - a steadyish progression caused by strange goings on as certain Chinese investors accumulate stock (read the long list of RNSs if you want to know and how many) so still looking good and already up nearly 50% since July.

3. UK Oil and Gas - UKOG - the famous Gatwick Gusher ! Oil in South East England - no fracking required apparently - just a slow process of getting various permits and permissions - but the UK government is definitely interested in promoting domestic energy production - was 1.45p in July, it went down to around 1.20p then up to 2.10p is now hovering around 1.7p - lots of potential IMHO but DYOR etc...