Friday, February 25

Friday Stock Market Share Tips

Stock Market Today - Friday Newspaper Stock Picks

Share Tips of the Week
Intermediate Capital - Buy
Premier Foods - Buy
New World Resources - Buy
GMA Resources - Sell

Cover Story
The world's best dividend paying companies - Investing for Income: (70 shares from around the world)

Share Tips: Updates
Ocado - Sell
Kalahari Minerals - Still a buy
Holidaybreak - High enough

JP Morgan Chinese Investment Trust - Buy

Fixed Income
Bradford & Bingley 11.625% Subordinated Bond

Tip Bits
Halma - Buy
Churchill - Buy
Kentz - Still a buy
Diageo - Remains a buy
Vectura - Still a buy
Pan African Resources - Remains a buy

Company Results
Fairly priced - Reed Elsevier, Redrow,
Good value - Anglo American
Buy - Avocet Mining, InternationalFerro Metals
Long-term good value - Petra Diamonds

Tempus Share Tips
Kier Group - Buy
Segro - Hold
Sportingbet - Hold

Deal of the Day - 2ergo


Questor Stock Picks
Primary Health Properties - Buy at 326.5p
Kier Group - Buy at 1324p

From Thursday

Dechra - buy at 504p

Business Pages
New fears for recovery as High Street sales falter

Investment Stocks and Shares TipsNational Express - Buy at 247p
Bodycote - Buy at 286.5p
Ashmore - Buy at 334p

Stock market newsRBS cuts losses but still no early exit for taxpayers
Analysts see value in African Barrick Gold


RBS hands out £950m in bonuses despite £1.1bn loss
Saudis talk to refiners amid warnings of oil crisis
National Express boss rejects break-up
British Gas profits jump 24% to £742m
Sale of Corus plant to Thai co. means 800 jobs on Teesside
General Motors back in the black


Stock market news

Tesco tipped to expand into Poland


Barratt sales pick up
National Express steams ahead
RSA profits shrivel in chilly winter

Thursday, February 24

Stock Market Today Newspaper Tips

Stock Market Today - Today's Newspaper and Shares Magazine Stock Picks


Share Tips of the Week
Allied Gold – Buy

Share Tips Updates
Xpower – Buy
NCC – Buy
Volex – Buy
Sports Direct International – Buy

The Cover Story
6 stocks set to rebound...
Buy Akers Bioscience, African Barrick Gold, Hardy Oil & Gas, Charles Taylor Consulting, Plethora Solutions, Optare, (Sell – Central Rand Gold, Yell)

San Leon Energy – Buy
Invensys – Buy
Kesa – Buy
Northumbrian Water – Buy
Aer Lingus – Sell
Wincanton – Sell
Wood Group – Sell
Ocado – Sell

Lo-Q – Buy
Animalcare – Buy ahead of probable earnings upgrades
Trifast – Buy
Vectura – Buy
Impellam – Buy
Uniq – Sell

Focus on PLUS
English Wines – Speculative buy

Investment Trusts
Buy – BlackRock Latin American, Better Capital, Impax Asian Environmental Markets, Herald Investment Trust, Investec Structured Products Calculus VCT (buy the new C shares @ 100p)

Chips aren’t cheap.
Conclusion – Sell Semiconductors (except Buy CSR and IQE)

Patagonia gets ready for gold debut

FINANCIAL TIMESCentrica, announced a £2 billion gas deal with Qatar

Goldman Sachs invests $70 m in Cheshire-based software co. AppSense.

US hospital group HCA taken private in 2006, is planning on raising as much as $4.3 billion in an IPO next week.


Luzenac, A Rio Tinto talc business, has received an offer from French industrial minerals group Imerys.

Tempus share tips

Hold CSC
Hold RSN Tenon
Buy Galliford Try


The Governor has been outvoted 3 times in the past and on at least 2 of those occasions he was later proved right.


Investors betting on a counter-bid for NYSE Euronext amid talk that Nasdaq OMX could make a takeover approach.

Qatar which already has stakes in Barclays and Sainsbury's, could invest in Lloyds and RBS.

Investment Column

Hold Logica
Hold Travis Perkins
Buy RSM Tenon.


Viewpoint Column

Oil shock could slow US recovery - a small rise in American pump prices would wipe out any positive effect of the cut in payroll taxes.


Midas tip from Weekend - Midas share tips

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Wednesday, February 23

Wednesday Newspaper Share Tips

Stock Market Today - Newspaper Share Tips


Housebuilders offering loan aid to first-time buyers
BAE Systems leads fdalls on FTSE on worries over defence spending


Asda back to No. 2 after supermarket returns to low-price roots

Tempus Share Tips

Croda - hold on to for a while yet
Genus - Hold for now, buy on future weakness
Morgan Sindall - Hold

Tiddler to Watch - Agriterra

Stock market news
Guy Hands 'will repay £1.7-billion to investors'
Liam Fox warns more defence cuts to take toll on big engineering


Questor Share Tips

Genus - Buy at 865p - first recommended as a buy in September 2009 at 700p the shares are up 24% since then and remain one of Questor's favoured plays on future food demand. Shares are still a buy.

Hargreaves Services - Buy at 916p - shares are up 69% since initial recommendation in February 2009 compared with stock market up 54%. They now trade on a May 2011 earnings multiple of 8.8 x, falling to 7.8 in 2012, and yield 2.1pc. The shares remain a buy.

Stock market news
Defence spending fears squeeze BAE


Investment Stocks and Shares Tips

Informa - Buy at 436p - the company is well-prepared for life after the downturn - strong balance sheet and net debt was down a tenth to £779m at year end. Momentum and cash generation are good, and Informa is in a good position in growth areas such as emerging and digital markets.

Pendragon - Buy at 23.5p - Pendragon still has net debt of £325.5m, and despite passing on dividend, its prospects look a lot rosier than when its future was in doubt.

Morgan Sindall - Hold at 692.5p


Takeover talk lifts Forth Ports


Cold weather helps Drax sales
Turmoil in Libya sparks global share sell-off
Asda's staff to share £27m pot
Pendragon's profits zoom out of slump

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Tuesday, February 22

Newspaper and Midas Share Tips

Online Stock Trading - Newspaper Share Tips and Midas Insurance Pick

For once, weasel words to benefit bank customers as Lloyds are told to pay £500 m back to borrowers
IPOs return to health

Tempus Stocks and Shares Tips
Lancashire - Hold
Mondi - Buy on weakness
John Wood Group - Hold

Deal of the Day - China Food Company

Stock market news
Prostrakan board backs Japanese bid
BHP pays cash for shale gas site
Jump in oil price jump - plus BP's move into India drive energy companies higher


Questor Share Tips

Devro - Buy
Anglo American - Buy

Stock market news
Investors go off Ocado as FTSE falls


Investment Stocks and Shares Tips
John Wood Group - a solid investment - Buy at 643.5p
Helphire - Hold at 14.25p
Lancashire - Buy at 616p - should benefit from growing market for energy insurance after Gulf of Mexico oil spill. In spite of the recent rally, seems to be scope for further gains

Stock market news
AstraZeneca falls back as Brilinta fears increase


Oil price hits 2-year high as Libya unrest creates supply fears
Mix up at Halifax over mortgages costs Lloyds £500m
Alibaba and the 2,300 thieves
George Osborne shelves plan to tax banks
Maersk says mega containers will cut carbon dioxide
Health secretary sues Reckitt Benckiser
Ireland's repossessions put on the block
Shops will struggle with rents as cuts bite, says Hammerson


MIDAS Share Tips - From Weekend

Insurance broker Brightside (BRT) has devised a technology called RedEye, that tracks whether customers change certain key facts when applying for insurance online.

BRT Chart with 200 day moving average

If suspicions are raised then details are checked and policies are rarely issued until after driving licence information has been confirmed. As a result Brightside's record is far better than many rivals so gets better rates from underwriters and offer cheaper insurance policies to customers.

Brightside has a niche in vehicle insurance, insuring minibuses, taxis, and motorbikes as well as vans. It is moving increasingly into online insurance and believes its RedEye technology gives it a real edge.

Midas says : Brightside's share price was badly affected by the financial crisis, but they started to recover last summer. In recent weeks the price has dropped from 40p to 35.5p after admitting the life insurance arm was not growing as fast as hoped.

Current weakness represents a good buying opportunity. The life insurance business should improve as economic conditions improve, but life assurance is in any case only a small part of the group. Brightside's white van insurance business should also pick up at the same time and its car, motorbike and other internet insurance products are expanding fast.

Chase-Gardener and his colleagues own more than 40 per cent of the shares so they are clearly motivated to make the company do well. Buy.

CSR is acquiring US video and imaging group Zoran Corp for about £418m
Unrest causes upsurge in commodities
JJB Sports in battle for survival

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Sunday, February 20

Dotcom Bubble 2.0 in Tech Stocks ?

Stocks and Shares - Dotcom Bubble Hot Stocks Part Deux

If you missed out on the dotcom bubble on the stock market between 1995 and March 2000, or if you didn't miss out and wish you had, as your profits evaporated and floated off to money heaven, then fear not, you may get a second chance !

Warren Buffett notoriously would have nothing to do with the dotcom stocks, likening them to "pretty pink cotton candy (candyfloss) covering over a dirty brown stick" (actually, in the spirit of the dotcom stocks, I just made that quote up) but certainly the Oracle of Omaha didn't get rich by buying companies that don't make a profit.

The beauty of the dotcom bubble was that stocks with no product would go up 10% a day, day in day out, for no reason ! It was a lot of fun, until it all went to pot.

Well anyway, I have been watching CNBC and noticing how they are starting to talk about tech companies again, they have pointed out on a number of occasions that certain tech stocks have gone up 100% in a few months etc... In fact, I thought I had noticed a distinct trend rather reminiscent of the good old days. Well it seems I'm not the only one. back in December Newsweek wrote a piece on Dotcom Bubble 2 - - and the Gnuradian/Observer in th form of Dominic Rushe in New York - dotcom bubble 2 - has just published a rather interesting article mentioning something rather similar.

Apparently an anthropologist no less has been given money to study the technology startup community. That should set bells ringing for a start. In addition, it appears there is a new silicon rush under way as people too young to remember the last dotcom feeding frenzy (except perhaps visions of their father going prematurely grey and collapsing in a useless blubbering heap on the floor) dream of becoming billionaires from a new generation of "Internet" companies. Mmmmmmm Internet companies.

Ms Farai, the anthroppologist, says the boom has just begun. "People who not long ago started startups because they couldn't get a job are turning down jobs now, (because they prefer working from their garage on start ups)" she says. "There's so much money about. The idea that your idea could be the next big idea is very real. There's a real air of excitement." So much money about ? After the greatest economic collapse in living memory ?! Well apparently so.

Sky-high valuation time seems to have returned. Zynga, the virtual vegetable company aka FarmVille, has been valued at $9bn - to be fair I think they do actually make some money with their games, but edible virtual food would be nice one day.

Twitter, no profits, is apparently worth $10bn. Groupon, online discounts, turned its nose up at $6bn from Google and is contemplating a stock market a flotation at $15bn.

According to tech-watchers (see the subtle information being passed on that they are back) - tech-watchers, this is just the beginning. The starting pistol will be when Facebook, (more eyeballs than Google) goes public, probably sometime next year.

It has in fact emerged that "Facebook staff are planning to sell $1bn of private shares at a price that values the private company at $60bn". Lol - 60 billion dollaros for a company that lets people display their dirty washing for all to see - no doubt they make a pile in advertising but still we can see how the valuations are being bandied about again.

For comparison Ford is worth $55bn and Visa $63bn. But Google is valued at around three times that.

Alan Patrick, co-founder of Broadsight, says we are seeing the first signs of another bubble "A bubble is defined by too much money chasing assets, greater production of those assets, then the need to find a greater fool to buy them." Ah yes, the greater Fool is on his way back (yes, greater fools looking for kwik bux are predominantly male in my experience) - but if you've been here before then you can watch out for them and stock up on some choice assets before the bubble really starts expanding. Time to fill yer boots again ?

Mr Patrick, kindly lists 10 tell-tale signs that a bubble is bubbling (to which I have added my own pearls):-

1. A "New Thing" appears that cannot be valued in the same way as old things (think Tulips !). People who should know better (if the cap fits) start paying over the odds for "New Things". (Without knowing what they are, what they do, and why they are worth so much).

2. Smart people notice the start of a bubble (oo are we there already?). The apostles of the "New Thing" outdo themselves in superlatives and make ever more glowing claims.

3. Startups with founders considered to have "pedigree" (e.g. former employees of New Thing companies) get funded at extreme, not to say ridiculous, valuations for next to no apparent reason.

4. New investment funds shoot up like hallucinogenic mushrooms in cow pats catering for startups.

5. Companies get funded based on how snazzy their PowerPoint presentations are - actual products are stricly optional.

6. MBAs desert banks to start up their own firms.

7. The "big flotation" happens.

8. Banks make a market in the "New Thing" (banks are so prudent and wise, they make sure they get their fees and bonuses up front), by investing your pension money.

9. Taxi drivers start offering advice on what stocks to buy. (For the anecdote this is apparently what caused the 1929 stock market crash when a shoeshine boy gave the CEO of a bank - all names left out because I can't remember them - a stock tip. The CEO thought to himself "this is fishy" and promptly gave the order to "sell everything" thus causing an almighty crash. During the last dotcom bubble, I personally heard of one one normally broke middle-class guy who announced one Friday afternoon to his wife "honey we made $55,000 this week." "Is that all" she replied with a slight yawn. The bubble burst the very next week.)

10. A "New Thing" darling buys an old-world company for stupid money. It's time to cash in your chips and invest in bricks and mortar.

This time round the "New Thing" is social media (which I must admit I've always found incomprehensible). There are claims that Twitter and Facebook are a revolution in human communications unseen since Gutenberg started baking cookies.They don't make any money, but strangely they are worth a fortune (rather like cookies).

Stage 1 - Arianna Huffington, Ms HuffPo, and Michael Arrington, Mr TechCrunch, have both sold out to AOL, hmm that sounds strangely familiar.

Stage 2/3 - Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures, pointed out that Quora, a questions-and-answers site that raised $11m in funding last year after the company was valued at $86m. is now allegedly refusing offers of $330m. "In days gone by, the rule of thumb was that a company with two or three employees would be valued at $5 million or less. But “today in the early-stage market we’re seeing two- and three-person teams that are getting $30 million, $40 million, $50 million valuations, and I think that’s not right,”

Stage 4 - David Cohen,MD of start-up fund TechStars, says there is a bubble in the number of companies financing startups.

Not everybody agrees. But then there were many people during the first dotcom bubble that were willing to explain just how valuable these new companies were.

Ms Farai, the anthropologist, says "There are elements out there that are pyramid-esque, Ponzi-esque, maybe even Kafkaesque. There's a sense that this isn't real money. In the long run, that can't be good." Lol - indeed.

If they are already at stage 4 in the USA then we are probably a bit behind here in the UK.

Having vivid memories of what happened last time, I would advise caution if tech shares do start rocketing again (the Nasdaq still has a lot of catching up to do compared to the DOW and the SandP by the way) and watch out for the crash at the end - if memory serves me right the actual crash started with an almighty rush upwards not downwards ! I distinctly remember a number of tech stocks spiking up around 25% in one day for absolutely no reason and in hindsight that was the time to get out and stay out !

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Friday, February 18

Online Stock Trading - Friday Newspaper Stock Picks

Investors Chronicle

Buy - First Quantum Minerals
Buy - Breedon Aggregates
Buy - EKF Diagnostics,
Sell - Tui

Financial Times

Bankers - time for deep pay cuts - bankers’ share of their employers’ income is too high and shareholders’ share is too low.

Trading Post
It is very likely that Lisbon will need an ECB bail­out

The Times

Tempus share tips

Little upside further for Reed Elsevier shares.
Talvivaara - interesting long-term play for money you can afford to lose.

The Independent

Investment Stocks and Shares Tips

Hold Ladbrokes at 139.5p
Hold Cable & Wireless at 75.5p
Hold Umeco. at 506.5p

The Guardian

BP's Russian partners intend derailing the British company's plans to create a controversial new alliance with oil company Rosneft.

The Daily Telegraph

Questor Stock Picks

Buy BAE Systems at 341p

Stock market news

Ladbrokes £60 million worse off as high roller stops playing - reportedly a member of an Asian royal family (losing £60 million a year on the horses seems an expensive way to pass the time - but WTFDIK).

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Wednesday, February 16

Today's Share Tips from Newspapers

Online Stock Trading - Today's Newspaper Stock Picks


Sanofi to raise bid for Genzyme to more than $20bn
Apple demands 30% slice of subscriptions
Peltz makes buy out offer for Family Dollar
BHP increases buy-back plan to $10bn


Morrisons discovers going online is child's play
BHP : what to do with $80 billion?
Greencore contemplating fresh bid for Northern Foods.

Tempus stocks and shares tips

Expect more upward movement from Rentokil Initial.
Spirent - strong long-term hold.
Buy Pennon


Questor Stocks and Shares Picks

Sell Albemarle and Bond at 297p - first recommended at 205p in February hey are up 45pc compared with a FTSE 100 up 58%. Results may start to improve once the gold hedge finishes, but they have been a significant underperformer since they were recommended. After a strong bull run in the market in general, the shares are now a sell.
Domino's Pizza - buy at 502p

From Sunday
African Aura - buy at 272p

Further news
Vodafone boss criticizes Apple's 'walled garden'
Gold-by-post cos. criticized for treatment of punters
Barclays profits rise to £6.07bn as salaries rise
Apple's child labour problems worsen
Morrisons buys online store Kiddicare


Investment Stocks and Shares Tips

Hold British Land at 543p
Hold Premier Foods at 25.75p
Buy Micro Focus at 291p - shares plunged 104p last night after stating it had lost some large US deals in Q3. It also said it was unlikely to recover revenue shortfall in last 3 months of its financial year. However, stock is now trading on around 8 x forecast earnings, a 55% discount to the wider sector. That, plus promise of restructuring, makes this a buy, but a risky one.

Stock Market Report

Licence agreement boosts Imagination
Barclays braces itself for Del Monte lawsuit
2-speed Europe emerges from recession


BHP expected to reveal record profits
World Bank warns of soaring food prices
Why some rich people refuse to pay their mortgages and the banks do nothing - mortgage defaults

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Tuesday, February 15

Share Tips in the Financial Press

Online Stock Trading - Tuesday Share Tips in the Press

Virtual gold rush values masters of FarmVille valued at $7bn
Auto Windscreens falls into administration

Tempus stocks and shares tips

John Wood Group - long-term hold.
Harvey Nash may not have much further to go
Hold Fidessa.

Farmville owner gets valuation of $9bn on fund raising talk
Taxpayers 'subsidising banks to the tune of £30bn a year'
Gold: you can now buy Fairtrade bullion and jewellery
'Cash for gold' companies told to clean up their act

Questor Share Tips
With the FTSE through 6000 here are three Questor tips of stuff to sell

Northern Foods sell at 74.5p
Ashtead sell at 185p
Diploma sell at 303.5p


Investment Stocks and Shares Tips
Buy Kazakhmys at 1577p
Buy Harvey Nash at 65p
Buy Titan Europe at 83p

Stock market news
Rolls-Royce signs £1.4bn contract
More shops empty as cuts hit high street
Gold-buying companies told to polish up


Auto Windscreens collapse threatens 1,100 jobs
A tax on Barclays' £2.7bn bonus pot could save many cuts
Twitter chief dismisses talk of $10bn offer from Google
Wood Group's £1.7bn sale indicates flurry of deals in oil industry


Stock Market Report

Phone talk strengthens ARM
Oil prices to soar on rising demand says Shell
Cosalt may lose £17m
OFT attacks gold firms over prices
Rolls-Royce lands £1.4bn Emirates deal
Time to remortgage ? Interesting low mortgage deals - mortgages
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Friday, February 11

Stock Market Share Tips Today

Stock Market Today - Share Tips from the Newspapers

Share Tips
Buy - Imperial Tobacco
Buy - Greene King,
Sel - Asos
Sell - Hikma

Share bargains in 2011: - Polo Resources, Randall & Quilter, Terrace Hill, Ambrian Capital, Shore Capital, First Property Group, PV Crystalox Solar, Victoria, Pilat Global Media, Nobel Investments,.


Tempus stocks and shares tips

Buy Rio Tinto
Hold Rolls-Royce
Hold Catlin Group.

Inquiry wanted into airline credit card charges
Twitter at centre of $10 billion buyout talks


Questor Stocks and Shares
Diageo - hold at 1195p
BT Group - buy at 186p
From Thursday
Reckitt Benkiser - hold at 3270p

Stock Market news
Fall in US unemployment benefits claims
Opec increases oil production to tackle $100 price
Hong Kong Stock Exchange 'open to tie-up'
Shire sets new sales record
Rio Tinto profits up 161%
ICAG drops on Air France profit warning


Investment Column Share Tips

Diageo - sell at 1195p
Hargreaves Lansdown - take profits at 570p
Mondi - buy at 526p

Stock market news
Home repossessions fall but concerns remain [check out also low rate remortgage deals and why some wealthy people are refusing to pay their mortgages - mortgage defaults]
Rolls-Royce pays £56m bill for superjumbo engine failure


European debt crisis threatens Portugal
IMF boss calls for global currency
Twitter valued at $10bn as rumours swirl that Google and Facebook want to buy it
Diageo misses profit forecasts
Smith & Nephew's CEO to retire
Mabey directors paid kickbacks to Saddam

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Thursday, February 10

Newspaper Share Tips Today 10

Online Stock Trading - Thursday Shares Magazine and Newspaper Tips


Share Tips of the Week
Grafton – Buy
Oxford Biomedica – Buy

Share Tips Updates
GoldStone Resources – Buy
Electrocomponents – Buy

Cover Story
Twenty AIM stocks to get before they make it big: -
Amerisur Resources,Advanced Medical Solutions, Brooks Macdonald, ASOS, Charlemagne Capital,Character,ClearStream Technologies, ClearDebt, Epistem, Cyprotex, Hydro International, GoIndustry-DoveBid, Majestic Wine, Ideal Shopping Direct, Mulberry, Minera IRL, Polar Capital, Nature,Titan Europe, Tricorn

SABMiller – Buy
Renew – Buy
Vitec – Buy
Ark Therapeutics – Speculative buy
JJB Sports – Sell
HMV – Sell
Premier Foods – Sell

Small Caps
DP Poland – Buy
Workspace – Sell
Travelzest – Buy
Aminex – Buy
DQ Entertainment – Buy ahead of full-year numbers potentially beating expectations
Plethora Solutions – Speculative buy

PLUS Markets
Wessex Exploration – Speculative buy

CEO of St Ives, Patrick Martell. – Buy St Ives

Food & Drug Retailers
Conclusion – Buy Food & Drug Retailers (Buy Tesco and Morrison... Sell Sainsbury and Thorntons)

Peninsular Gold to bounce back


Tempus Share Tips

Telecity Group – Expensive but good long-term position on the growth of the digital economy, and not so exciting as other less asset-rich internet stocks such as Autonomy, or CSR
CSR – High enough until US lawsuit becomes clear

Deal of the Day - Acacta


Questor Share Tips

Reckitt Benckiser – Hold
Vodafone - Buy

Stock market news
Ocado in peak form as it delivers for investors


Investment Share Tips

Telecity' - hold at 490p
Smurfit Kapp - take profits at 8.6 euros
CSR - buy at 445p

The Market Report
Miners fall in reaction to Chinese rate rise


Stock Market Report

Home Reatil rises on bid hopes

Stock market news
Reckitt cleans up in Asia
Supergroup nearly doubles sales to £18m

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Tuesday, February 8

Tuesday Newspaper Share Tips

Online Stock Trading - Tuesday's Newspaper Stock Picks


Tempus Stocks and Shares Tips
Northumbrian Water - buy, still an attractive home for your cash
Kofax - up with events
Bellway - No need to chase
Hugo Boss - Numis says of the sale of 15 franchised Hugo Boss stores by their British owner to the German fashion group 'Moss Bros Boss loss'

Tiddler to Watch - Sareum


Questor Shares Tips

St Modwen Properties - Buy
Moss Bros - Avoid

Stock market news
Insurer Chaucer buoyed by takeover talk


Investment Stock Picks

St Modwen - buy at 168p
Kofax - buy at 440p
Ocado - sell at 251p

IS it time to get a fixed rate mortgage ? -Remortgage deals
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Friday, February 4

Newspaper Stock Market Tips Today

Stocks and Shares - Today's Newspaper Share Tips

Stocks and shares tips from Friday's newspapers.


Stocks and Shares Tips of the Week:
Buy - Compass
Buy - Cyril Sweett
Buy - African Mining & Exploration
Sell - Stagecoach

Cover Story
Stocks, shares and funds to protect against Inflation: -
Shares – Tesco, Pennon, African Barrick Gold, Rio Tinto, ...
Funds – High Yield Bonds – Fidelity Strategic Bond, L&G Dynamic Bond, Henderson Strategic Bond, Artemis Strategy Bond, Invesco Perpetual Monthly Income Plus and M&G Optimal Income...
Commodities include- BlackRock World Mining, Baker Steel Resources, and City Natural Resources...
ETF’s include – ETFX STOXX, 600 Basic Resources, ETFX DAXglobal Gold Mining Fund and dbx-trackers MSCI World Materials TRN Index ETF...
Equity Funds – Edinburgh Dragon and Aberdeen New Dawn, Henderson TR Pacific, or open-ended funds Aberdeen Asian Pacific Leaders.
ETF’s include dbx-trackers MSCI AC Asia Ex Japan TRN Index ETF

Tips: Funds
Buy Baker Steel Resources

Tips: Fixed Income
Tesco Bank

Share Tips Updates
Buy - Chariot Oil & Gas
Buy - TEG
Buy - Asian Plantations

Company Results
Buy – Wynnstay, Centamin Egypt,
Good Value – Murgitroyd, AstraZeneca,
Fairly-priced – BSkyB, Eaga,
High Enough – ARM Holdings, Autonomy,
Sell – Ocado


Lex Column
A small possibility of the first oil supply shock in twenty years
Shell is doing better but needs to do more

Stock market news
Shells takes FTSE down but William Morrison up on talk of cash return


Tempus Stocks and Shares Tips

Unilever – good long-term play, although short-term worries may affect sentiment
Lonrho – good investment in fast-growing AFrican markets but not for widows and orphans
Compass – hold - due a rest
e2v – Arden Partners increases profits forecast by 5%

Tiddler to Watch - Avacta

Stock market news
Evil Knievil attacks fashion retailer ASOS over scheme for bosses


MI6 warns of wave of suicide bombs

Comment Column
Time has come to raise interest rates

Questor Stocks and Shares Tips

Unilever – Buy
Compass – Buy


Investment Stocks and Shares Tips

GSK - Buy at 1168p
Unilever - Buy at 1837p
RPS - wait at 215p

Unilever warns of rising prices due to soaring food costs
GSK planning share buyback as profits fall
Cuts threaten bus services


Stock Market Report
Wood Group up on deal hopes
Tui Traveul hurt by unrest
BT boosted by 'Essential' broadband
Interesting mortgage deal for first time buyers from Halfiax - mortgage deals
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Thursday, February 3

Todays Newspaper Shares and Stocks Tips

Online Stock Trading - Thursday Newspaper and Magazine Share Tips


Share Tips of the Week
Buy - RBS
Buy - Angel Biotechnology

Cover Story
How to Invest in China
8 Chinese Stocks (prime plays on the world's most dynamic economy):
Buy Asian Citrus, Origo Partners,Hutchison China, Burberry, Green Dragon Gas, Henderson Far East Income, JP Morgan Chinese Investment Trust

ASOS - Buy
Telecity - Buy
Jubilant Energy - Buy
Shire - Buy
API - Buy
Aviva - Buy
ReNeuron - Speculative buy
Persimmon - Sell
Dairy Crest - Sell ahead of tomorrow's results

Share Updates
Telit Communications - Buy
Titan Europe - Buy
Origo Partners - Buy
Norseman Gold - Hold

Feature: Possible Takeover targets
Cluff Gold - Buy
Burberry - Buy
Angel Technology - Buy
Centamin Egypt - Buy
Soco International - Buy
RSA - Buy
ClearStream Technologies - Buy

Nyota Minerals - Buy
Rotala - Buy
EKF Diagnostics - Buy
Wynnstay - Buy
CLS Holdings - Buy
Hydro International - Buy

PLUS Markets
Oracle Coalfields - Speculative buy

Marston's. - Buy

Broadcasting and Entertainment
Buy recommendations for Avesco, ITV and STV

Circle Oil - Buy


Stock market news

SABMiller up on takeover talk

Lead Story
Amazon gearing up to challenge for vast online film audience

Tempus Stocks and Shares TipsImperial Tobacco - Nice income
ICAP - Still a long-term hold
Workspace - No immediate upside, but an interesting play on London economy and the property market

Deal of the Day - Max Petroleum

Stock market news
SABMiller's tale - investors rushing to buy into a big takeover story


Questor Stocks and Shares Tips

Buy - Imperial Tobacco
Hold - ICAP


Investment Stocks and Shares Tips

Imperial Tobacco - buy at 1990p
Sage - Hold at 301p
Wincanton - Buy at 136.5p

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Wednesday, February 2

Share Tips in Wednesdays Newspapers

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Stock market news
Legal & General at 2-year high as dividend prospects brighten
Centamin Egypt rebounded by 7.8% after quarterly production met market expectations, below the company's own guidance.
Hikma Pharmaceuticals rose by 3.8% after recent underperformance. They make about half their revenue in the Middle East
Ambrian Capital added 10% on news that full year profits would be substantially ahead of the £1.82-million stated by the company just over 1 month ago


Tempus Stocks and Shares Tips

Autonomy - Don't expect ride to be easy
Tate & Lyle - There has been some profit-taking although there is still some bid potential
Low & Bonar - tuck away for future growth


Al-Qaeda planning a dirty bomb, says atomic regulator

Questor Share Tips

Cranswick - Buy at 850p - Questor believes yesterday's fall in the share price is a good opportunity to get into this well-managed company.
Tate & Lyle - Hold at 542p


Investment Stocks and Shares Tips

Hikma Pharmaceuticals - Sell at 834.5p
Carpetright - Sell at 707.5p
Morson - Take profits at 113.5p


Britons strapped for cash flock to discount stores Aldi and Lidl
Ireland's 'ghost hotels' to be boarded up
Credit card interest rates at highest for 13 years


Stock market news
Ocado posts first pre-tax profit in its history
BP Rosneft deal 'blocked'
Citigroup seizes EMI and looks for buyer
Rising costs force Tate & Lyle to raise prices
Silver lining to Autonomy's

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Tuesday, February 1

Newspaper Shares and Stocks Tips

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Oligarchs hit BP with vote to withhold dividend
Economy: Growth could slow to snails pace

The Business Editors Commentary Column
Brent crude went over $100-a-barrel last night, wheat rose by 2.5% and risk premiums are up in some emerging market assets, notably in Israel.

Tempus Stocks and Share Tips

Ex-pats must wait for Egypt's storm to subside (companies that could be affected: - TUI Travel, Centamin Egypt, HSBC, Thomas Cook, Vodafone, Barclays, InterContinental Hotels, BG Group, BP, Hikma Pharmaceuticals)

Tiddler to Watch - Internetq

Stock Market news
Lure of Paris too much for M&S to resist
Lloyds bankers 'earn more than £3.4-million'
Another drug failure for Antisoma


Why was Mervyn King's pension pot boosted ?

Questor Stocks and Shares Tips

Carillion - Buy at 384p
Amec - at 1200p


Stock Market
Kindle and Tablet - future of publishing ?

Investment Stocks and Shares Tips

Greene King - Buy at 473p
RPC Group - Buy at 269.5p
MBL group - Sell at 56.5p


Midas Share Tips

From Monday
BUY 3i Infrastructure - shares trade at 1141/2p and a dividend of 5.9p is expected up from 5.5p. Assets have been rising in value and this should continue, particularly when the economic gets going.
Shares are unlikely to rocket, but are a good bet for generous income plus some capital growth.


Lloyds forced to reveal scale of millionaire staff
Intel warns of $1bn cost to fix chips
Land Registry figures reveal house prices fell for 4th month in a row
Facebook targets local business ads
New member of MPC calls for rate rise


Stock market news
Ryanair forecasts lift-off in profits
Greencore considers Northern Foods bid
Greene King in Cloverleaf Restaurants buyout deal

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